CBC, the Japanese language school in Kawasaki (near Tokyo and Yokohama)
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Student Dormitory

Information for Student Dormitory (CITY VIEW MAISON)

CITY VIEW MAISON is located on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of MAIN HALL. The dormitory maintains a very high security level as the main entrance is an automatically lockable door, and security cameras have been installed on each floor and in the elevator. Moreover, all rooms are soundproof, and MAIL HALL is an earthquake-proof building and just a one-minute walk to the classroom. Feel free to contact us as you can visit us at any time. We also introduce properties other than student dormitory (share houses, studio apartments, etc.).

CITY VIEW MAISON student dormitory in the MAIN HALL

  • Male/Female
  • Location
    Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • 1. On entering fee
    45,000 yen
  • 2. Deposit
    10,000 yen
    (6,000 yen will be deducted from the cleaning fee when you move out.)
  • 3. Facility maintenance fee
    30,000 yen
  • 4. Fire insurance
    5,000 yen
  • 5. Room cleaning fee
    20,000 yen
  • 6. Rent (including utilities)
    58,000-63,000 yen (two persons sharing one room)
  • 7. Bedding set
    10,000 yen
  • First payment
    (rent for 3 months, and 1. to 7. mentioned above)
    294,000-309,000 yen

  • Equipment and Furniture
    Air-conditioner, desks, chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, IH cooking heater, TV, bathroom dryer, vacuum cleaner (shared), sofa bed, internet access. Bathroom and toilet are in the room. All rooms with veranda 21~26.17m2+7m2 loft space for one person School Staff are available on weekdays 9:00 pm and Saturday 4:00 pm Dedicated elevator available to student dormitory floor (elevator separate from school and office) All rooms have individual closets (lockable, roommate and storage space can be separated.) Can be used in a single room depending on availability
  • Commuting time
    Just one-minute walk To the school
※ The above is the cost for one person

Floor plan

There is a loft space abovethis color. *The floor plan may differ from the actual student dormitory.

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