CBC, the Japanese language school in Kawasaki (near Tokyo and Yokohama)
Dormitories and Facilities Dormitories and Facilities

School facility

Information for School Facilities

Three school buildings that provide a fulfilling learning environment

There are 3 school buildings in CBC for various subjects such as language, computer, and specialized knowledge. CBC can provide a fulfilling learning environment such as a computer classroom, a hotel bridal practice room, and a library.
  • From left: Main Hall, International Hall, Pal Hall
  • MAIN HALL look
  • Main entrance
  • Counseling Room on the 1st floor


Classroom Environment that can Utilize Digital Media

Each classroom has been equipped with Internet access and data projectors. Presentation on the PC, of course, allows for instant viewing of documents and materials fed from the server for audio and video educational content installed on campus. iPads are available at each class room and lessons uses digital material.
  • General Classroom (All rooms are equipped with a data projector.)
  • Computer classroom
  • 2nd floor hotel training room
  • 2nd floor hotel training room bar counter


Multi-purpose hall is available for various events.

Multipurpose hall is used for events such as yukata dressing and entrance ceremony. In addition, a wedding ceremony demonstration by the Department of International Hotel Bridal Service is held in this multi-purpose hall.
  • 8th floor multipurpose hall
  • Demonstration of wedding ceremony


Library equipped with Computers and Wireless LAN

Various books can be borrowed from the library. In addition, you can connect your mobile computer to the Internet using wireless LAN. Built-in desktop PCs can be used at anytime.
  • 3rd floor library & internet room (Wireless LAN available)
  • Self-study in the library

Scenery of school

Cosmopolitan Scene of School

Students from more than 20 countries and Japanese students learn while staying true to their own goals. Students with diverse backgrounds get together, and a wide variety of international exchanges occur on a daily basis.
  • 2nd floor student cafeteria
  • 2nd floor terrace
  • 2nd floor powder room
  • 3rd floor classroom with garden view
  • 4th floor terrace
  • 8th floor Rooftop Garden

College of Business and Communication(CBC)

22-9 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0007, Japan

TEL: 044-244-3200
FAX: 044-244-2277