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Department of Business Japanese

To acquire the Japanese level needed to find a job at a Japanese company

The Department of Business Japanese is for people who want to work in a Japanese company in their home country or in Japan.

Students learn Japanese and manners required by business situations, and obtain qualifications advantageous to securing a job at a Japanese company.

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Certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as “Applied Professional Postsecondary Course”

Department of Japanese is accredited as a “Applied Professional Postsecondary Course”.

The “Applied Professional Postsecondary Course” is a course that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has certified as a specialized course for conducting curriculum and practical training in cooperation with companies.

Students can learn the latest “practical knowledge, technology, skills” and acquire the practical skills that companies need immediately.

Employment Support and Internship Program

Teachers and staff work with students to help in their job search.

Support includes analysis of the latest company information, how to write an application, and practice for a job interview, as well as advice and tips on Japanese manners – such as courtesy and greetings, wording, and appropriate apparel.

Immediately following admission, these types of training are reinforced.

By doing internship that applies skills learned in school, students can experience firsthand the actual structure of a given industry and a real business field.

In addition, being able to make a positive impression with companies for later job-hunting purposes is an incentive to join the internship program.

Acquiring the business presentation skills

As a result of two years of learning, we invite actual companies to give a graduation production business presentation.

In the business to be drafted, students make simulations of income and expenses by utilizing the knowledge learned from ideas, location, initial costs/running costs, and bookkeeping.

Students also create slides for presentations.

All business terms as well as technical terms are taught in Japanese.

The goal is to acquire not only the Japanese ability required for employment but also the ability to speak in public and the presentation skills.

Acquiring the Japanese-language ability for getting a job at a Japanese company

Just passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1) is not enough for business.

Students learn the three skills of “pronunciation,” “interactive ability” and “document creation,” as well as acquire a “communication ability” required in business situations in Japan.

Students are trained in accurate and easy-to-understand writing skills, accurate pronunciation to improve conversation skills, and rich expressiveness.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 and various exams preparation

To work in Japan, passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test-N1 is mandatory.

We aim to pass N1 from the first year in our Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparation class, which has reputation with high pass-rate.

In addition, we aim to pass the qualification test, which is advantageous for employment, such as BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test, Secretarial Skills Test, Bookkeeping Certificate-Nissho, Business Document Proficiency Test.

Qualification Example

JLPT N1 , BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test, Communication Test, Business Proficiency Test, Business Document Test, TOEIC , Excel/Word Test, Nissho Bookkeeping.


Category Subject
Business Basic Business
Business Economy
Business IT Skills
Business Document
Business Conversation & Manner
Career Design
Japanese Grammar
Japanese Reading
Japanese Expression
Writing Technique
Society in General Social Circumstances
Media Literacy
Communication Cross-cultural Adaptability
English TOEIC and Business English
Test Measures JLPT N1
Nissho Bookkeeping Level 3

Timetable Example (2nd year)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Employment Preparation Grammar Cross-cultural Adaptability Vocabulary Business IT Skills
2 Test Measures Business Presentation Cross-cultural Adaptability Japanese Reading Business IT skills
3 Test measures Business Document Kanji Test Media Literacy Bookkeeping
4 Business Document Bookkeeping
5 English Marketing Business Economy
6 English Business Economy Business economy

1 Period [9:30 to 10:20]  
2 Period [10:30 to 11:20]  
3 Period [11:30 to 12:20]  
4 Period [12:30 to 13:20]  5 Period [13:30 to 14: 20]  
6 Period [14:30 to 15:20]

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