CBC, the Japanese language school in Kawasaki (near Tokyo and Yokohama)
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List of Departments and Courses

Course information by status of residence and purpose (Admissions)

  • Residents of Japan
    For those who already have a “Spouse or Child of Japanese National of status of residence” and “Dependent of status of residence”.
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  • If you are coming from overseas.
    For those who are entering with a “Temporary Visitor Visa” or those who require a “Student Visa” for a long-term course.
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  • Department of Business Japanese
    For those who wish to attend the Department of Business Japanese.
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  • Working Holiday
    For those who already have, or are planning to apply for a “Working Holiday”.
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  • Private Lessons and Group Lessons
    Japanese-language private lessons or group lessons for foreign employees.
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College of Business and Communication(CBC)

22-9 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0007, Japan

TEL: 044-244-3200
FAX: 044-244-2277