CBC, the Japanese language school in Kawasaki (near Tokyo and Yokohama)

Features of CBC

Reasons for choosing College of Business and Communication(CBC)
  • Student Support

    We support application work, opening a bank account, obtaining a mobile phone and registration at the ward office.
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  • School Dormitory

    The dormitory maintains a very high security level. Moreover, all rooms are soundproof, and MAIL HALL is an earthquake-proof building.
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  • Tradition of Language

    Since founded in 1948, CBC boasts a long history as a pioneer in language education and we have prized excellent results in each speech contest and produced many N1 passers of the JLPT.
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  • International Exchange

    Exchanges with Japanese people, cultural experiences, and activities outside the school are available. You can experience many kinds of Japanese culture.
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  • Career Support

    It is also possible to go on to further education. We also support career paths through job hunting seminars.
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  • Scholarships

    CBC students have an opportunity to receive scholarships from the government, Kawasaki city and CBC.
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College of Business and Communication(CBC)

22-9 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0007, Japan

TEL: 044-244-3200
FAX: 044-244-2277