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Department of Japanese (1-year)

From reading and writing of hiragana to graduate school examination

At the Department of Japanese, students learn from basic level to advanced level with a well-balanced curriculum in 4 skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading). After a year of learning Japanese, a student can be promoted to the Department of Advanced Studies in Japanese if desired.

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Number of Class Hours

One lesson unit is 50 minutes, and total lesson units per week will be 22 units. Compared with a Japanese-language school, CBC students can learn Japanese over longer hours. In one year, Japanese-Language Proficiency will be noticeably improved.

Elective Subjects for Needs

In this department, CBC offers an elective subjects system to meet student's needs. Students can choose elective subjects such as "Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 and N2" and "Examination for Japanese University admission for International Students (EJU)."
In addition, courses may be available such as "Making Drama in Japanese" or "J-POP Lyrics," for example.

[Elective Subjects]

Elective Subjects for university and graduate school exam Elective Subjects for working in Japan Other Subjects
The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) Business Certification Examination Pronunciation
Japan and the World, Science, Mathematics Keigo (Honorific Speech) TV Media
Essay Business Japanese Expression (Writing and Speaking)
English MS WORD in Japanese MS WORD in Japanese
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Current Topics in Japan Japanese Culture
  Reading Japanese Newspaper Making Drama in Japanese
    Kanji (Chinese Characters) for Daily Life
    Reading Japanese Novels

Class Levels

Students can study at the appropriate level. Class level will be decided by the result of the placement test taken before the course starts.

Level Period Main Text Target Level Start Level
Advanced Ⅱ・Ⅲ 6 months
High School Text Book for Japanese
Acquire the Japanese-language ability that approximates that of average Japanese adults. Using Japanese at work.
Advanced I 6 months
Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced
Acquire skills to discuss various issues, ranging from general events to specialized topics.
Acquire skills to write well-organized texts on various issues.
Passed JLPT N1.
Understand news and newspaper.
Understand news and newspaper.
Intermediate II 6 months
Bunka Chuukyuu Nihongo II
Acquire skills to understand Japanese TV news programs and newspapers.
Acquire skills to understand lengthy documents
Passed JLPT N2
Write sentences in various styles.
Express opinions.
Intermediate I 6 months
Bunka Chuukyuu Nihongo I
Acquire skills to talk in some detail about everyday events and social issues.
Acquire skills to write sentences on various topics.
Passed JLPT N3.
Have daily life conversation.
Basic II 3 months
Minna No NihongoⅡ
Learn simple conversation and acquire skills to write sentences about own cultures. Passed JLPT N4.
Have simple conversation.
Basic I 3 months
Minna No NihongoⅠ
Acquire skills to read and write hiragana and katakana, and understand about 400 kanji Greet in Japanese.
Read hiragana and katakana.

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Free Lessons for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Just before the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, free lessons are available 4 times.

Special Kanji Class

Students who come from countries that do not use kanji, we offer a kanji lesson per week. It's free of charge.

Admissions Procedure

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For those who do not have a visa, a college student visa application is required.

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