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Voice of CBC Graduates

Successful Graduates

Introducing some graduates after completion of each course at College of Business and Communication (CBC) who are active in a variety of fields.

Boonporn Nutthapong (Thailand)

Inspire Entertainment business development department coordinator and interpreter
At present, I have been working as an interpreter and coordinator at a publisher in Thailand. We have produced a magazine in various countries. The Japanese magazine has attracted attention. I have been working with a lot Japanese celebrities. I had little knowledge of the business and the Japanese. But now I am taking advantage of a broad range of knowledge in many fields obtained while attending CBC.


Mazda Car Rental Company
I have been working in the Haneda branch of Mazda Car Rental. I am assisting visitors who depart from Haneda Airport mainly. After graduation, I am filled with gratitude toward the teachers at CBC. Fortunately, my choice was right in choosing CBC. The skills that I acquired åhelp me in daily life and at work.

Han JungMin (South Korea)

YBM Overseas Education Service
After studying in the Department of Japanese, I entered the Department of International Business and English at CBC. The learning environment that CBC provided motivated me to study hard and contributed a lot to the improvement of my Japanese skills. I had a fabulous time studying and spending time with my Japanese classmates, which became unforgettable memories. I am very thankful to all the teachers and students I met at CBC.

Angela Rose (U.S.A.)

Keihin Corporation Keihin Co., Ltd.
I came to CBC with a goal to improve my Japanese before returning to the States. Not only was my Japanese improved so much that I now work as an interpreter, but I was able to do so in an environment that exposed me to so many other cultures as well. I am very thankful to the teachers at CBC for their guidance; this allowed me to achieve my dreams.

Oey Husein (Indonesia)

After mastering the Japanese language at CBC, I continued my studies in trading. During my stay there, I was able to get a part-time job, which gave me many valuable work experiences. I am now back in Indonesia working for a Japanese logistics company where I can utilize the knowledge and the experiences gained in Japan. I am glad that I chose CBC as a place of study, and am very thankful to the teachers and the staff for their support.

Wataka Joyu (China)

HUA YU CO. Ltd., President and CEO.
When I came to Japan, I did not understand Japanese, and I was completely full of fear and anxiety in a new environment. At that time I was taught the importance of a tenacious spirit when striving in life by teachers at CBC. I am currently running an import company between China and Japan in Yokohama. The time spent at CBC is an irreplaceable asset for me.

Vienna Yeung (Hong Kong)

Mizuho Securities Asia Ltd.
When I first arrived at CBC, I did not know a single word in Japanese. However, with all the help from teachers at CBC, I was able to pass the JLPT Grade 1. I am currently with Mizuho Securities Asia Ltd. based in Hong Kong, and am about to start my Japanese teaching career next month. I am very happy that I was able to meet many good friends from different countries and to gain amazing experiences at CBC.

Su Hsun Yu (Taiwan)

Owing to the curriculum and examinations at CBC, my basic skills in Japanese improved a lot, and I was able to understand the culture of Japan through various activities. I learnt the approach to work of Japanese people when I held a part-time job. It was really good that I chose CBC. CBC is a milestone in my life.