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What is a Professional Training College (Senmon Gakko)?

In the Japanese educational system, a professional training college is positioned as "a higher education institution," which is the same as a university or junior college.

A professional training college has taken on an important role in vocational education, on the level of Japanese higher education. Some 7.7 million graduates have gone on to become active in a variety of ways. The title of "Diploma" is granted to students who have completed more than a 2-year term of training (more than 1,700 school hours), and the title of "Advanced Diploma" to students who have completed more than a 3-year term of training (more than 3,400 school hours). People earning a "Diploma" are eligible to transfer to universities, and people with an "Advanced Diploma" are eligible to enter graduate schools.

Differences between a Japanese-language school and professional training college

Foreigners can study the language at a Japanese-language school or in a Japanese department of a professional training college like CBC. The purpose of both is to learn the Japanese language, and there is no major difference except limitations such as the inability to purchase a commuter pass at a typical Japanese school.

  • Purchase of commuter passes (Discount rate varies depending on the route and mode of transportation.)
  • Purchase of student discount transportation tickets (If there is more than 101km one-way, discount rate is 20%.)
  • Eligibility for Japan Student Services Organization Reservation Program for Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students